The Unlikley Nutty Idiot Hero'sEdit

  • Woody the Cowboy
  • Stewie Griffin
  • Mario
  • Pichu
  • Patrick Star Fish
  • Chris (From everybody hates chris)

The dumb stupid overwait villans forceEdit

  • Dora the explore (gained 5000 pounds)
  • Boots the monkey (Now a side borg)
  • Joe from Blues Clues
  • Trix Rabbit
  • The trix yogurt children (Tied up and mouth tapped shut)
  • Dora's mom (gained 454512154121524 pounds)


The gang is still trying to recover and Boots blew up somehow and turned into side borg now Trix Rabbit tells them its a free country and kindaps the kids.Dora has been so hungry she shoved the hole house down her mouth along with her dad and brothers and sisters.But her mom survived and ate Boots's house which caused Boots dad to get eaten.So Pichu,Mario and Woody and Buzz all team up to defeat Dora once again Dora's mom wants to be a badguy to so she joins.The good guys get more in the gang and Joe from blue clues falls down the stairs and Dora controls him into Killing Stewie.It was kinda easy for them because he is the dumbest of the dumb in their team after Pichu.Spongebob comes out and destorys the hole world but the good guys and mad guys made it out alive but Sadly Boots the monkey died so Dora needs to find some other wimpy side kick than looses at every battle.


Who should be Dora's new henchmen until Boots comes back

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Who do you think will come next time.

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